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Anna Valborg Monica Boëthius



Monica Boëthius was a journalist, author and a polemicist who focused on women’s and family issues. She was also one of the first female directors of Sveriges Radio and the first female president of Publicistklubben (the Publicists’ Association).

Monica Boëthius grew up as the daughter of a clergyman; the family moved around the country in accordance with her father’s service. He worked as a pastor in Gothenburg, as director of the Swedish Church’s board of deacons in Uppsala, and later as a rural dean in Falun. Monica Boëthius completed her studies in Uppsala and then began her career in journalism as editor of the Fredrika Bremer Association’s newspaper Hertha from 1957 to 1960. She then entered the world of radio broadcasting, which at the time was attracting many journalists with academic backgrounds. Monica Boëthius was the producer of a new programme called “Familjespegeln” which replaced “Husmorshalvtimmen”, dating back to the Second World War. Monica Boëthius was chief editor (1966-1971) before becoming head of planning in radio broadcasting (1972-1975), and finally serving as director of programming for the newly established Swedish Local Radio ltd. (1975-1982).

She wrote up her experiences as one of the first female directors of her generation in a male-dominated profession in her book Insläppt på forsök, which was published in 1989. She had already written several books, largely during the 1960s, on the need for better conditions for women both in working life and in parenthood. Monica Boëthius was a member of Grupp 222, an early network and pressure group focusing on equality issues. Members of the group included Eva Moberg, Barbro Backberger and Gertrud Sigurdsen. The group got its name from its founder Annika Baude’s home address.

After her years working for Sveriges Radio, Monica Boëthius rounded up her professional life as editor-in-chief at Vi, where she helped to set up the relief project for Kenya called Vi-skogen (the Vi forest). She remained part of the project committee for many years and undertook many travels to Kenya.

Monica Boëthius was the first female president of Publicistklubben from 1978 to 1982. She also served on various committees for many years. She was secretary of Arbetsmiljöfondens KOM programme from 1988 to 1993. During the years 1995-1997 she was a representative on the government’s commission on equality.

Monica Boëthius died in 2009.

Kristina Lundgren
(Translated by Alexia Grosjean)

Published 2018-03-08

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Other Names

    Maiden name: Palm

Family Relationships

Civil Status: Divorced
  • Mother: Valborg Palm, född Ekman
  • Father: Samuel Palm
  • Brother: Göran Palm
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  • Universitet, Uppsala: Fil.kand.examen, Uppsala universitet


  • Profession: Journalist, editor, Hertha magazine
  • Profession: Producer, various management roles, Sveriges Radio
  • Profession: Programme director, Sveriges Lokalradio AB
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  • Relative: Maria-Pia Boëthius, makens brorsdotter


  • Publicistklubben
  • Vi-skogen
  • Grupp 222


  • Birthplace: Ervalla
  • Uppsala
  • Stockholm
  • Place of death: Stockholm



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