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Ingrid Schrewelius


Journalist, fashion journalist, television reporter

Ingrid Schrewelius was a journalist who worked for the daily press and TV. She was the first female reporter on the TV news programme called Aktuellt, but was best known for her work as a fashion journalist.

Ingrid Schrewelius was born in Stockholm in April 1920. Her father was Johan Sigfrid Nyberg, who was a municipal politician, and her mother was Svea Nyberg. Ingrid Schrewelius married twice: first, to Lars Schrewelius from 1943–1950, and second to Per Öhnell from 1960–1964.

Ingrid Schrewelius initially undertook voluntary work for Värmlands Folkblad in 1938. She then got a temporary post with Skånska Social-Demokraten. She later worked for Kristianstads Läns Tidning, Västernorrlands Allehanda, and Nya Norrland in Sollefteå, where she held her first permanent post. She then moved on to Röster i Radio-TV in Stockholm.

After working at Göteborgs Morgonpost she subsequently joined the editorial staff of Sydsvenska Dagbladet in Helsingborg, and then worked for Kvällsposten, where she was employed in 1960 when she was headhunted for the editorial staff of the TV-news programme Aktuellt. Ingrid Schrewelius was the first female reporter to work on the programme. She remained in post until 1973 when she began to work on the then newly-set up programme Sveriges magasin.

Aktuellt subscribed to foreign news sources to obtain news from France, Great Britain, the USA, and east Asian countries. Ingrid Schrewelius was in charge of foreign material and those pieces which could not be fit into Aktuellt formed the backbone of Lilla journalen, which resembled a sort of SF-journalen for TV. However, it was mainly for her work within the fashion world that Ingrid Schrewelius became famous. The words she penned on the haute-couture shows in Paris made such names as Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, and Lacroix familiar to Swedes. She gained extensive knowledge about fashion in general and was an astute observer of contemporary fashion in the exclusive and traditional salons of Paris. She became a legend within the world of fashion reporting.

In 1964 Ingrid Schrewelius undertook training with ITV in London in order to expand her skills within TV-work. She learned how to “tell a story” and she subsequently tried to put what she had learned into practise. She also had previously completed a brief course in journalism at Aarhus.

Ingrid Schrewelius intended to retire in 1985, at which point she moved to Scania. However, a continuing contract with Sveriges Television to carry on with Modejournalen until 1995, and other obligations, meant that she had to postpone her plans to completely retire. During this period she also collaborated in a café-programme based in Sundsvall and in Sköna söndag, produced in Malmö. Once she had fully left TV-work behind she freelanced by giving lectures on fashion and by writing articles for the journal Kulturens Värld.

Ingrid Schrewelius died on 12 June 2005 in Lund. She is buried in her first husband’s family grave at the Östra cemetery in Lund.

Hillevi Ganetz
(Translated by Alexia Grosjean)

Published 2018-03-08

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Other Names

    Maiden name: Nyberg

Family Relationships

Civil Status: Divorced
  • Mother: Svea Gabriella Nyberg, född Andersson
  • Father: Johan Sigfrid Nyberg
  • Sister: Karin Nyberg
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  • Yrkesutbildning, Århus, Danmark: Nordisk journalistkurs
  • Yrkesutbildning, London, Storbritannien: TV-utbildning ITV


  • Profession: Journalist, Värmlands Folkblad, Skånska Social Demokraten, Kristianstads Läns tidning, Västernorrlands Allehanda, Nya Norrland, Röster i Radio-TV, Göteborgs Morgonpost, Sydsvenska Dagbladet
  • Profession: Journalist, Kvällsposten
  • Profession: Journalist, Sveriges Radio, Sveriges Television
  • Profession: Föreläsare, frilansande journalist, tidskriften Kulturens Värld


  • Colleague: Catrin Jacobs
  • Colleague: Gunnar Arvidsson


  • Birthplace: Stockholm
  • Stockholm
  • Lund
  • Place of death: Lund


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